¡Auxilio, somos padres! es un plan de estudios complete que incluye videos, materiales para el líder y los padres que pueden ser usados de manera individual o en grupo. El objetivo general de este plan de estudios es inspirar y animar a los padres en el camino de ser los formadores de discípulos de sus hijos. A continuación se presentan los títulos y los objetivos de cada segmento de esta serie. Cada segmento incluye un video educativo en donde los padres aprenderán de los expertos acerca de la crianza cristiana.

Objetivo general: Inspirar y animar a los padres en el camino de ser los formadores de discípulos de sus hijos.

Title and Objectives for each Segment included in Curriculum

  1. Invitación y presentacion–Parents will be inspired on their journey to be the disciple makers of their children. They will be introduced to the program and invited to take up the exciting challenge and blessings of parenting. A través de este currículo, los padres serán motivados para ser los formadores de discípulos de sus hijos. A través de este currículo, los padres serán motivados para aceptar el emocionante desafío de hacer dicipulos de y las bendiciones de ser padres.
  2. Fundamento firme–Whether a single parent, foster parent, married couple, or grandparent raising a grandchild, this segment will focus on the importance of building a firm foundation for parenting a child.
  3. Una amistad para la eternidad–This segment will focus on ways of helping children develop a personal relationship with Jesus and make Him their best friend.
  4. Compartir y servir–As an adult we have an important role to play in modeling the joy of service. It will assist in teaching children the joy of sharing their experience with Jesus through family oriented mission and community service activities.
  5. Relaciones y rivalidad–Relational skills are taught in the home. This section will deal with teaching those important lessons and ways to help children see the importance and value (for good or evil) of their interpersonal interactions.
  6. Administración de los medios audiovisuales–Satan is using social media to invade our homes. This affects even the smallest child. It is the parent’s role to assist children in understanding the influence of the social media and the importance of making right choices.
  7. Sano y feliz–Diet, exercise, and rest all playa n important role in the health of our children. Making healthy choices starts in the home.
  8. Respeto y responsabilidad–This section will deal with teaching our children the importance of being respectful and taking on age appropriate responsibilities.
  9. Tiempo, talentos y tesoros–Stewardship involves our time, our treasures, and our talents.  It involves material possessions as well as our person.  Home teaches children the proper use and care of all that they have and all that they are.
  10. Socios en la crianza–Parents will be equipped and encouraged to continue their journey of disciple making.  Take advantage of available resources that include learning from older members who have walked the parenting road before us.